Artist Collection

Our Artist collection is where you’ll find limited edition pieces born out of collaborations with talented artists and designers.
We’ve partnered with popular creatives like Bioworkz, Rik Lee, and Girly Trend to transform their designs into one-of-a-kind reversible bracelets for anyone looking to add an artistic twist to their everyday outfit.

rik lee bracelets risted


Website:    Facebook: @Rikleeillustration
Tumblr:    Instagram: @rikleeillustration

Rik Lee is an illustrator and artist based in Bali, Indonesia. His flair for color and shade creates a fusion between the vintage and modern. We partnered with Rik to create these limited edition reversible bracelets so everyone can get a taste of what Rik Lee designs are all about.


Website:    Facebook: @BIOWORKZart
Instagram: @bioworkz    Behance:

Inspired by H. R. Griger’s “Biomechanics”. LA-based visual designer and illustrator Ben Kwok is known for his biomechanical illustrations—proof of his keen attention to detail and his affiliation for complex artwork. We’ve partnered with BioWorkz to transform these fascinating illustrations into art-inspired reversible bracelets to wear every day.

bioworkz bracelets risted
shillustration bracelets risted


Website:    Facebook: @shillustration1
Tumblr:    Twitter: @shillustration1

Stuart Harmer, a.k.a. SHillustration is a full-time illustrator with a knack for the weird and uncanny. His work attests to his wild imagination and no-shame approach to today’s pop culture. We collaborated with SHillustration to bring his bold artwork into Risted for some radical yet fashionable daily essentials.


Website:    Instagram: @girly_trend
Facebook: @GirlyTrendArt    Twitter: @GirlyTrendArt

Audrey Chenal, a.k.a Girly Trend is a french artist / graphic designer living in Spain. Being girly is a beautiful thing, and so we collaborated with Girly Trend to create gorgeous wearable accessories for the modern fashionista. We love this graphic designer’s use of light colors and unique pattern styles to show what being girly, trendy, and chic is all about.

girly trend bracelets risted
railton road bracelets risted


Website:   Society6:

Railton Road is a design company that translates vintage into an aesthetic we love. Each artwork possesses texture and personality expressed in such vivid proportions that a collaboration was a no-brainer for us. The result is an amazing collection of artistic fashion wear for creatives all around.